We aim to create better patient outcomes by simplifying the complex world of medical diagnosis to help physicians reach decisions faster.

Our Story

We’ve all been there: someone you care about is sick. It seems like there’s an endless list of tests to endure, followed by the anxiety of waiting on results that sometimes come back inconclusive. This can result in an ineffective treatment plan, and mutual frustration between doctor and patient. Your loved one wants to achieve good health, and their doctor wants to steer him or her towards it. They don’t want to spend time logging in and out of databases looking for answers or calculating results – they want to quickly identify the right treatment plan and expedite the recovery process.

This is how Auxita was born.

Our platform automates routine tasks to help physicians reach decisions faster so they can focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

Our Team

We are collaborators, innovators, and friends. Meet our diverse team working together to simplify healthcare.

Our Board

Our board of directors are lifelong learners who actively promote our innovation agenda, ensure our team is headed in a unified direction, and guide our decision-making process.

Our Advisors

At Auxita, we draw on the advice of leading experts as we forge new paths of innovation. Our advisors ensure our team is headed in a unified direction, and guide our decision-making process.


Let’s simplify healthcare together.

From Ottawa to Brisbane, we can’t stop growing! Not only are we passionate innovators, but we also love the people we surround ourselves with. We value each other’s ideas and contributions, we believe work and play can coexist, and we might be looking to hire someone just like you.

Currently, we have no employment opportunities available. Please check back.